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So, Ive got something's to talk about.

First and most important: FirepowerX. This guy makes awesome music, but he's very deppressed and I don't want him to be. If you are reading this, make a newrounds account (if you havent already), and help him out.

Next up: THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! Well, kind of. Round 1 - and my Tundra EP - is finished, and the EP won 2nd place. 1st place was a guy named Arrogance with his WIR3D EP. But, there are independent song rewards too, and Frostbite got 1st! Round 2 is starting, so expect some wild songs from my Forest EP!

Next: Where I live, there is an ampitheater. Once Summer completely rolls around, I can perform! WHat songs of mine should I perform though? I honestly don't know.

Last: Should I do some celebration for summer? If so, what should I do?

Ok, lots of things to talk about:

RubyMusic is hosting an EP challenge, where there are 4 rounds and for every round, the competitor makes an Ep. I added a story with mine, and I already finished my first EP: Tundra. Next will be Forest. I WILL WIN THIS.

Razzle, one of the people who was making music for the Vid game, for no apparent reason, hates me. IDK why, but he tried to hack me just because.

Speaking of Hacks, the Vid game. IDK if I'm just super unlucky, but this is the second time I was making music for a vid game and it stopped. The creator says he got hacked and his computer is broken.

Lastly, I've been getting really sick lately. I can't really do anything, so I can't make music as often. 

Collabing Rage...

2017-01-16 21:02:57 by CyberShaman

So, new track out, collab with CyberNetic. He, again, is making music for the video game. A TON of people are. There is:

BlueCoyote, Desima, Razzle, and Geminiris.

I will collab with ALL of these people. So, how are you guys?

Merry Late Christmas!

2017-01-03 10:52:42 by CyberShaman

New track out, collab with RubyMusic! She is also making music for the video game. It's called Pheonix: Seven Stones.

I'm not really deppresed anymore, think I'm okay.

Thanks for all the support lately, and it would help If you checked out my Youtube Channel!

I do gaming and music. Thanks, and happy New Year! - Cyber

New song and Video Game!

2016-11-11 16:50:59 by CyberShaman

Yeah... A new song. Definitley my best. Well, it's hard to decide between this and fighting deppresion. Tell me which one you think is better!

And yes, my music is going to a video game. THAT IS SO COOL!!! This has helped me so much guys!


2016-11-01 16:35:11 by CyberShaman

I haven't really posted anything in a while... If you don't know I'm fighting deppresion (No really, that wasnt to advertise my song) and its really hard. I don't know if I should seek help yet.


2016-09-14 15:33:23 by CyberShaman

I'm trying to get my music up on newgrounds, it is hard :p