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EP Challenge, New Enemy, Hacks and Disease

2017-04-03 12:56:48 by CyberShaman

Ok, lots of things to talk about:

RubyMusic is hosting an EP challenge, where there are 4 rounds and for every round, the competitor makes an Ep. I added a story with mine, and I already finished my first EP: Tundra. Next will be Forest. I WILL WIN THIS.

Razzle, one of the people who was making music for the Vid game, for no apparent reason, hates me. IDK why, but he tried to hack me just because.

Speaking of Hacks, the Vid game. IDK if I'm just super unlucky, but this is the second time I was making music for a vid game and it stopped. The creator says he got hacked and his computer is broken.

Lastly, I've been getting really sick lately. I can't really do anything, so I can't make music as often. 


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